Why WordPress?

Today we are going to explore why WordPress is a great solution for so many bloggers, organizations, and businesses. Let’s take a factual look at why WordPress has become one of the best options available.

  1. WordPress is free. Now this means it’s free to download but it also means it’s free as in open. WordPress is open source so it can be customized and molded to be exactly what you need. Because it’s free and open, it means there is a huge community that provides tons of themes and plugins. Bottom line being free and open creates an ecosystem that is diverse, flexible, and awesome.
  2. WordPress is simple. That’s not to say it isn’t profound but the truth is someone who has never used it before can understand how to make posts, pages, etc in a pretty short period of time. Because it is open and simple there are a ton of tutorials on how to learn and even master WordPress.
  3. WordPress is flexible. We already hit on this a little bit but seriously guys this is so important. I’ve been working online for over 7 years and can’t tell you how many times clients need WordPress to do something that simply wouldn’t be achievable on other platforms (*cough Square Space). Now that’s not to say it’s for everyone but why not build your website/business on a platform that is flexible enough to meet your needs? Between themes, plugins, and custom development it can do almost anything and do it well.
  4. WordPress is stable. As we all know when thinking about building your business it’s important to consider longevity. WordPress has been around for almost 15 years. That’s a long time! And in that time it has changed and improved and will continue to get better and better. WordPress powers over 25% of the web and about 28% of all e-commerce sites (thanks to WooCommerce). And guess what, it’s only becoming more popular. With the rise of blogging and e-commerce WordPress has empowered tons of people.

This post could go on forever but there you have it. Those are my four reasons why you should choose WordPress as the backbone of your online website, store, blog, or business. If you need help figuring out if WordPress is the right solution for you and your business shoot me an email [email protected].

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